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A showcase of many Personal Projects exploring a journey from the icy wilderness of Alaska to the tropical beauty of Hawaii, weaving through the dynamic streets of Hong Kong, across Canada’s expansive landscapes, and into Myanmar’s cultural depths. The various projects boast breathtaking San Francisco, California aerials, showcasing its iconic architecture and pulsating urban scenes. My personal favorite is my Aerial Airport Photography project, revealing the intricate ballet of aircraft and ground operations. Another ongoing project is my iPhone series, showcasing the power of mobile photography and the ongoing advances. My Fine Art Modern Surf series merges the raw power of the ocean with the elegance of contemporary art, while the Gotham City SF film and photo series presents a noir-inspired exploration of San Francisco’s mysterious allure. Additionally, I’ve embarked on multiple air-to-air helicopter photography assignments, capturing the exhilaration of flight and even paddle boarding into glacier lakes in Alaska, blending adventure with serene natural beauty.


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I’m Toby Harriman, an Alaska-based photographer, cinematographer, and creative producer specializing in aerial direction. Over more than a decade of experience, I’ve crafted a diverse portfolio spanning fine art, filmmaking, documentary photography, and high-end productions. My unique aerial imagery has opened doors to exciting opportunities with clients worldwide, including Apple, The Ocean Cleanup, and the Wall Street Journal; and directing an air-to-air shoot for Acubed, the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus.


Follow along on my aerial airport project.




Follow along on my many aerial projects.


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