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These Aerial & Timelapse Films showcase an enthralling collection of aerial cinematography and timelapse that capture the essence of movement across the globe. From the icy expanses of Alaska to the warm, vibrant shores of Hawaii, and through the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the expansive landscapes of Canada and the cultural depth of Myanmar, Toby’s work encapsulates a journey through a world in motion. His aerial cinematography offers mesmerizing perspectives of these varied locales, showcasing everything from the architectural wonders of San Francisco to the orchestrated dynamics of airport operations. Complementing these are his time-lapse films, which distill the constant flow of time into moments of stunning visual poetry, capturing the transient beauty of natural and urban environments alike. These projects are a testament to Toby’s extensive travels and his ability to convey the rhythm and pulse of diverse settings through his expert lens, blending the art of cinematography with the beauty of motion.

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Locally, Nationally or Internationally, I will travel anywhere to complete your project. Feel free reach out even if its just to chat!

Motion Controlled Timelapse

From motion control to long term, from landscape to construction monitoring, we are experts in the timelapse field no matter what we are tasked with.

Stock 4K+ Timelapse & Video

We have a huge archive of 5K, 4K, Ultra HD, aerial video & timelapse ready to be licensed.


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I’m Toby Harriman, an Alaska-based photographer, cinematographer, and creative producer specializing in aerial direction. Over more than a decade of experience, I’ve crafted a diverse portfolio spanning fine art, filmmaking, documentary photography, and high-end productions. My unique aerial imagery has opened doors to exciting opportunities with clients worldwide, including Apple, The Ocean Cleanup, and the Wall Street Journal; and directing an air-to-air shoot for Acubed, the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus.

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