Project iPhone

Project iPhone


From early on, I have always been fascinated with the development of mobile photography, specifically with the iPhone. It’s crazy how far things have come since the early iPhones. Below is an ongoing endeavor of personal photo collections, films, and commission-based projects. Each collection will eventually feature a mix of photos, timelapse, and video shot on almost every Apple iPhone since the iPhone 4. Stay tuned, as I am still re-organizing and digging up older collections and editing the video and timelapse.

For now, enjoy what I have up. Cheers!

*For Licensing & Inquires, please contact Toby.


For the ‘Flying Into Dusk’ iPhone 6s Film & Project, we were provided iPhones from PR but self-funded the full project. For the iPhone 12 Pro Aerial Film & Photo Series, I worked with Apple PR before the launch to create and promote a film and the new iPhone. They helped fund all expenses and provided iPhones. Aside from those two projects, I self-fund the rest, and none of these are sponsored. 


Lets Work Together!

I’m Toby Harriman, an Alaska-based photographer, cinematographer, and creative producer specializing in aerial direction. Over more than a decade of experience, I’ve crafted a diverse portfolio spanning fine art, filmmaking, documentary photography, and high-end productions. My unique aerial imagery has opened doors to exciting opportunities with clients worldwide, including Apple, The Ocean Cleanup, and the Wall Street Journal; and directing an air-to-air shoot for Acubed, the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus.

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