Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

A collection of Aerial Photographs by Toby Harriman from San Francisco & New York City.


Toby Harriman

After 5 years of exploring the San Francisco Bay Area, trying to capture it from every angle I could imagine, you get to a point where you really have take things to another level. To me that meant getting views that we not as easy to get to, the straight down vertigo shots over downtown at night or views that are a bit more unique then the typical shots filling our social media streams. The ones a tour bus can‘t just pull over at. Aerial Photography it is.

Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to work with clients from around the world, creating stunning backplates and imagery for the up and coming San Francisco skyline and new development projects across the west coast. 

I am available for any commercial work, from aerial, ground to boat. I will travel anywhere worldwide to help you complete your project. 

 Enjoy the images and stay tuned for many more!


Flying in the San Francisco Bay Area

Flown By Addiction

Flying over cities and landscape is a complete addiction, to me nothing compares to that thrill.


Flying in New York City with NYonAir.

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