San Diego Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography Collection

Toby Harriman’s aerial photography collection captures San Diego’s essence, from the vibrant Downtown Waterfront and the bustling San Diego International Airport to the scenic coasts of Mission Bay and Mission Beach. Highlights include La Jolla’s rugged cliffs and the iconic Coronado Bridge, showcasing the city’s diverse landscapes and architectural marvels. This collection offers a condensed yet expansive view of San Diego’s unique charm, blending urban, coastal, and natural elements.

Downtown & Waterfront

Misson Bay & Beach, Pacific Beach & La Jolla

La Jolla Alta

University & Clairemont Mesa

Torrey Pines Golf Course

Photos Taken Post Farmers Insurance Open



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I’m Toby Harriman, an Alaska-based photographer, cinematographer, and creative producer specializing in aerial direction. Over more than a decade of experience, I’ve crafted a diverse portfolio spanning fine art, filmmaking, documentary photography, and high-end productions. My unique aerial imagery has opened doors to exciting opportunities with clients worldwide, including Apple, The Ocean Cleanup, and the Wall Street Journal; and directing an air-to-air shoot for Acubed, the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus.

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