The Ocean Cleanup Project // Sunglasses

The Ocean Cleanup Project // Sunglasses

Direction + Photography & Video

It’s amazing to see how far this project has come. I still remember seeing Boyan Slat Ted talk about how he wanted to clean our oceans way Back in 2012. A lot of people probably thought he was crazy, maybe they still do. Fast forward to 2018, they launched the first Ocean Cleanup system, 001 aka Wilson right here out of San Francisco, California. I was fortunate enough to work with the drone team live streaming this very event. And later joined The Ocean Cleanup Project as an Ambassador, because this is a project that gets me excited, it’s a project and team worth backing and I cannot wait to see what they do next!

Be sure to watch Boyan Slat unveil The Ocean Cleanup’s First Product: Sunglasses…

If you want to purchase a pair for yourself, click the link below:

*As a non-profit, all proceeds go to funding their cleanup – turning the pollution of yesterday into the cleanup of tomorrow.

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Product Photography & Video for the launch of The Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses.

Ambassador Film + Social Media Postings

Additional Footage Provided by:

The Ocean Cleanup Project

Karaminder Ghuman

Music Licensed via Musicbed:

Higher by Chad Lawson

Sarah by David A. Molina


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