Greater Los Angeles Aerial Photography & Video

Greater Los Angeles Aerial Photography & Video

Aerial Photography & Video Collections by Toby Harriman

Welcome to my featured aerial photography and video collection for the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas! For over a decade, I’ve been capturing the aerial landscapes and vibrant cityscapes of the Greater Los Angeles area, including Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, from neighborhoods, high-end estates, Los Angeles International Airport, The Getty, Long Beach Port and Terminal Island, Refineries and beyond. Be sure also to check out my 5K video short film shot on a RED Dragon camera from a helicopter using a Cineflex GSS Gyro-Stabilized Systems gimbal. Enjoy Southern California through my new lens.


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I’m Toby Harriman, an Alaska-based photographer, cinematographer, and creative producer specializing in aerial direction. Over more than a decade of experience, I’ve crafted a diverse portfolio spanning fine art, filmmaking, documentary photography, and high-end productions. My unique aerial imagery has opened doors to exciting opportunities with clients worldwide, including Apple, The Ocean Cleanup, and the Wall Street Journal; and directing an air-to-air shoot for Acubed, the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus.

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