Behind the Scenes in Alaska with V/Speed and National Geographic

Behind the Scenes in Alaska with V/Speed and National Geographic


with V/Speed & National Geographic

America the Beautiful

A Disney+ Original

Over two separate trips, I was incredibly fortunate to work with the amazing team at V/Speed, who were in Alaska shooting aerials from a Phenom 300 Business Jet for an upcoming Disney+ Original with National Geographic. From location scouting and DIT to helping shoot some behind-the-scenes, it was a project I will never forget. On this page, you can see some of the visuals I captured along the way, but to really see the magic and what this team put together, you can now watch the full ‘America the Beautiful series on Disney+. Especially the Frozen North episode to see what they shot in Alaska. 

Huge thanks to their whole team for having me along for the ride; Greg Wilson, Mike Knockenhauer, Shelby Knockenhauer, Mike Steiger, John Flanagan, Jim Yoder, David Robinson, Kevin Denning, Steve Rogers, Joey Picca, and Jonathan Spano.

Photography By Toby Harriman.

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