Volansi x Merck // Alaska Demo

Volansi x Merck // Alaska Demo

Volansi x Merck // Alaska Demo

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This project involved a collaboration between Volansi, a leading drone delivery company, and Merck, a pharmaceutical company, to showcase the potential of using delivery drones to increase access to medications in remote areas. The demonstration took place in the rural community of Allakaket, Alaska, in partnership with the University of Alaska. The drone used for the project was equipped with a specialized thermal protection system to ensure the safe delivery of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. The project was led by Toby Harriman, with the assistance of filmmaker Andrew Studer, who captured and edited the story. Learn more about this innovative effort on Merck’s website, where they highlight their commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to make a positive impact in indigenous communities.

Creative Direction: Toby Harriman
Production: Toby Harriman Studios
Drone Pilot/Cam Op/Photography: Andrew Studer
Drone Pilot/Cam Op/Photography: Toby Harriman
Graphics: Dan Dawley with Swell.tv

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