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Professional Aerial, Video & Photo Production Company based in Anchorage, Alaska and throughout San Francisco, California.

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Toby Harriman // @tobyharriman

Beyond my commercial production work and services. I am also available for various types of freelance projects from Travel Assignments, Social Media, Partnerships, Ambassadorships and anything in the creative space. Let’s work together!



Along with Planet Unicorn Creative, I decided to set up PEGAIR. A Creative Aerial Studio specializing in Drones & Aerial Direction, Aerial Photography, Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Production, Air-to-Air, Air-to-Vehicle, Air-to-Boat & Aerial Coordination. Whatever your aerial needs are, we love the aviation space and want to be part of your next project. Aviation is probably my personal favorite space, lets fuse our passions together and create something beautiful! Contact us today and let us help you tell your story with our aerial expertise.



Since the beginning, my goal has always been to build something bigger than myself. Planet Unicorn Creative is just that and has been setup to act as a creative production studio. This studio has allowed my visions to flourish but also allows me to bring a team of creative expects together to help bring your bigger projects and ideas to life. Let’s chat and find a way to work together on your next project. Our team bases out San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, California area as well as Anchorage, Alaska and beyond. We are ready to travel to just about any state, country or planet you want to send us to!

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