Volansi // VOLY 50 Series Aircraft

Volansi // VOLY 50 Series Aircraft

Volansi // VOLY 50 Series Aircraft

Launch Video & Product Photography

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Direction, Production, Photography & Launch Video

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A Direction & Production by Toby Harriman.

The New Generation of Multi-Role Unmanned Aircraft has arrived. Introducing the VOLY 50 Series. Learn more at Volansi.com/50-series/

Creative Direction: Toby Harriman
Agency: Toby Harriman/PEGACREATIVE
Production: Mac House
Producer: Mared Hidalgo
Director of Photography: Viet Mac
Drone Pilot: Matthew Lavin
Drone Cam Op & Photographer 1: Toby Harriman
RED Cam Op: Aviel Hod
AC / Data: Kevin Nguyen
Swing: Mandeep Sandhawalia
Retoucher: Blair Bunting
Photographer 2: Karaminder Ghuman

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