Pentax 645z

Pentax 645z // Toby Harriman


It definitely has been awhile since I played with some new cameras. I have been using the Canon 6D and 5D MK III for the last few years. But around 6 months ago that all changed, I had an opportunity to take the Pentax 645z for a test shoot. I decided to take it on an aerial flight that I had planned over San Francisco, California. I never have shot with a medium format, yet alone anything as large as the 645z is. But it worked out great. It was a camera I could pick up and use and not have to pull out the manual or google around. And once I got back home to look through my photos.. Well that was when i was completely sold. The quality is incredible; the feel, the usability and the overall build quality. (Which some cameras seem to lack these days)


I will admit that Pentax never even crossed my mind when I considered cameras to shoot with or invest in. It is time for an upgrade. My business is growing, my clients are asking for specific file sizes and my current setup is lacking. I have had my eyes on the Sony mirror less A Series, but have been very hesitant. I almost feel the whole industry is in a weird spot. But after that test shoot the the Pentax, my mind completely shifted. I wanted it, badly. When I had to ship it back, I felt empty. I knew right then, that I wanted a Pentax in my kit. Especially with their new Full Frame K-1 being released. Filling all my needs. (Minus 4K Video)


After the San Francisco shoot I begged to take it out on a few other shoots. Once flying over New York City and I also took it to Iceland a month ago. On my first shoot I got some shots down the coast in Davenport at Shark Fin Cove with the Milky Way.


Below are some of my favorite shots taken with the 645z. You can see why I love it. It was love at first sight. So much so that I extremely excited to become an Ambassador for Pentax. I can’t wait to keep sharing my shots over all my future trips.


Toby Earth II

One World Trade Center Aerial

Shark Fin Cove Milky Way

Morning Light - Golden Gate Birdge Aerial

Times Square Aerial

Lombard Street Aerial
Icelandtic Horse

Bruarfoss Falls iceland

Chrysler Building Aerial Sunset

Empire State Building Aerial

Ocean Beach Aerial

Above New York City

Times Square Aerial Night

Times Square Aerial Night Pentax 645z

Aerial La Jolla Coves

Guayakí Yerba Mate Michael Shainblum

One World Trade Center Aerial

Mission Bay San Diego Aerial

Mission Bay San Diego Aerial 2

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