Facebooks New Frank Gehry-Designed Campus

This may be a bit different from my normal photographic work, but I guess it’s facebook / Instagram relevant! As you also know I don’t shoot people a whole lot, so was fun to be out in some situations to get outside my comfort zone.

Last week I got a pretty cool invite to visit Facebook and get an exclusive walkthrough of the new 430,000+ sq. foot building, which was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. I really didn’t know what to expect honestly but was definitely an honor. I have read about the building, but have only seen pictures of the mockups. 

The place was huge, and all one giant open space. Takes about 10 minutes to walk from end to end. Never seen so many desks and computers in one place. They told us it has the capacity of roughly 2,800 people! There was still a ton of work going on, so couldn’t shoot everything, unless I wanted forklifts and ladders in my shots! But below is a small gallery of what I got. Employees start moving in today at 9am, so we got some of the first peaks at it. 

My favorite part was definitely the open space roof. It is 9 acres with a half mile walking loop, 400 or so trees, lots of seatings areas, and cool swings and a really cool tree stump sculpture called “Camp Out” by Evan Shively. It’s almost like having a smaller scale Golden Gate Park on the roof of your office. It will have a juice bar, potato bar and grilled cheese bar on the roof soon. (Guess I need to go back when its up and running)With this new building they have worked with 15 other artists, you will see some examples throughout my gallery. 

It was nice meeting some of the other instagramers that they invited. Also huge Thanks to the facebook/Instagram team for hosting us!

#MPK20FirstLook #MPK20

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