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Toby Wilson Ashcroft Harriman

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I’m Toby Harriman: Aerial Director, Photographer, Timelapser & Story Teller. 

Now based in Anchorage, Alaska & San Francisco, California.

I came out west to San Francisco to pursue a career in Design. A discovered love for photography took command, grabbed me by my lapels and knocked awe into me. Now I hang out of helicopters, dodge waves on distant shores, and get up at oft-forsaken hours to glimpse our galaxy sprawled a night sky. Whether you stare into that nocturnal abyss or marvel at city skylines at sunset, this world is a beautiful place. We are ambassadors of our reality. We’re setting it free as a creative revolution gives us a stage, puts the tools into our hands and waits.

Over the course of long hours, and a multitude of miles traveled, I’ve had the honor of working with a growing collection of clients. Such as… (Facebook, Instagram, Google Nest, National Geographic, BBC, Verizon, CBS, WordSearch UK, Coors Light, CNBC, Adobe, Universal Music, Tastemade, Red Bull, HD Supply, Modern Luxury and more.) My images and projects have found traction and spread across the internet. Interviews, a rather surreal social media following, and sponsorship opportunities have resulted. I am blown away by all that I’ve achieved, and I’m inspired to yet greater heights.

One new venture of mine is founding Planet Unicorn & Planet Unicorn Creative Under this new “Group” I’ve assembled a collective of talented artists and marketing professionals to form a cutting-edge content marketing and storytelling company. Fusing artistic passion, knowledge, and hours of experience, we provide exemplary results for our clients.

As a kid growing up in Colorado I never imagined chasing my dreams would take me to San Francisco. Looking ahead I see a grand adventure ready to be documented, a world waiting to be discovered. It’s a joy to have you alongside.

~email me for any image licensing inquiries or freelance assignments. Prints are available from my online store and private group photography workshop information, tutorials, and reviews are available around this website~

June 14, 1990

I was born in beautiful Aspen, Colorado.

1990 » 2004

I mean come on? How much do you really need to know about my childhood!

November 2004 » June 2009

Traveled to New Hampshire for Boarding School.
• Cardigan Mountain School
• Holderness School

August 2009

Made it to San Francisco, California for college.
• Academy of Art University

December 2013

Finished school and become a full time photographer.

June 2014 » October 2014

Worked as a photo editor for Lytro Inc.

February 2015

Released my Gotham City SF timelapse film.

March 2017

Moved to Anchorage, Alaska???? I know, I know!!!

Right Now?

My life adventure is in the fast lane to hyperspace. I am working full time
as a freelance photographer and founder of my new venture, Planet Unicorn
Collective. If you have any interest in working together or just want to send a
note, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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